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Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, Class of 2013

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Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame — Class of 2013
Tito Santana, Joyce Grable, James J. Dillon, Cowboy Bill Watts, "Assassin" Jody Hamilton, and Baron von Raschke


A relaxing dinner in anticipation
of a memorable weekend.
Private meal on Friday night for inductees
and their families and guests.


A late night Friday private tour of the PWHF Museum.
A toast to president Tony Vellano with
fellow HOFer George "The Animal" Steele.


A preview look at the Class of 2013 that
became official with the Saturday induction.
The inaugural PWHF Class of 2002.


Year after year, a new class is added to the PWHF wall of recognition.
Tony Vellano has a secret elevator to the second floor.


I pause to view my display area that
takes on added significance the next day.
So much of our history on display.
It was difficult to absorb it all in just one visit.


Every true wrestling fan must one day make
a pilgrimage to visit this fabulous museum.
I asked for a picture with George Steele,
a close friend for well over 40 years.

One final moment with family on Friday.
Thank you Tony Vellano and PWHF volunteers.


Signing books at the Crowbar Press table.
Saturday afternoon "Meet and Greet" with Scott Teal, Tom Renesto Jr.
(son of the late "Assassin" Tom Renesto) and "Assassin" Jody Hamilton.


The Destroyer has recruited his new #1 fan.
The lesson continues as Missy tries to
learn the serious look of The Destroyer.

A hug from the great Mae Young, a HOFer who, at 90 years young
at the 2013 Induction, was described as being as tough as they come.
She was a regular at PWHF Induction Weekends.

One proud dad joins Pam, Geoff and Missy for one more family picture before the induction dinner begins.


Missy and Geoff were in the midst of college final exams,
but they didn't want to miss this weekend.
Scott Teal and his lovely wife, Angela,
who joined us for this special weekend.


Scott Teal, respected historian, and co-author and publisher of my
autobiography, has become a close friend.  He accepted my
invitation to be my presenter for the HOF induction.
So many people to thank — and I feel humbled as I see
the faces of my peers, many of whom are HOFers, along
with all the great fans who came to share the weekend with us.

I conclude with a sign sent me by my good friend
Davey O'Hannon, a great veteran wrestler.


My personal plaque to bring home to display with great pride.
Closeup of my plaque.



Deep in thought as I examine my
name engraved on my PWHF ring.
The hands of one of the
luckiest guys in the world.
My smile says it all.
I have truly lived my dream!

Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame Alumnus


  Throughout my career, I have received a number of honors, including those from PWI Magazine, Wrestling’s Main Event Magazine, the Gulf Coast Wrestlers’ Reunion, and the Cauliflower Alley Club.  I had the good fortune to be a member of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012, which garnered us worldwide attention since the induction ceremony was a major part of the highly successful WrestleMania XXVIII weekend in Miami.  I have my Hall of Fame ring and, besides my WWE Hall of Fame plaque, I have several personal mementos that were presented to me by the WWE from that weekend.  I have proudly displayed these in my home office, along with virtually every award I have ever received, all of which are of personal significance to me.

  On May 18, 2013, I received the most prestigious honor of them all.  I was among a select group of inductees that comprised the PWHF Class of 2013 who were inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame.  What makes this so meaningful to me is my knowledge and understanding of the structure and consistent integrity demonstrated by the PWHF in their selection process.  It is an honor in itself just to have your name appear on the ballot for consideration for the Hall of Fame.  This recognition is so special because I was selected by vote of a panel of respected wrestling historians, along with a group of my peers, which included many prior inductees.

  The PWHF is the only non-profit independent hall of fame that is not affiliated with any profit-seeking entity or any wrestling promotion, past or present.  The PWHF and museum are managed and staffed by dedicated volunteers.  In Amsterdam, New York, you can visit the only brick-and-mortar hall of fame building solely dedicated to preserve and honor the history of professional wrestling.  Each inductee from the PWHF Class of 2013 has an individual plaque on permanent display, as have all those that have preceded us since the inaugural Class of 2002, and it is a tradition that will continue.  I have attended induction weekend every year since the Class of 2006.  I’ve watched the museum grow and expand.  The collection of memorabilia and artifacts defies description.  Every true wrestling fan must visit the museum in person to truly appreciate this unique facility.

  I am very proud and honored to have been a part of the PWHF Class of 2013.  I’ve often said that I have enjoyed a storybook career.  If my career to this point was characterized as a great circle that was incomplete, and not yet closed … that circle is now finally complete.

James J. Dillon
PWHF Class of 2013
WWE Hall of Fame 2012

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