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James J. Dillon

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NIKITA by Nikita Koloff, as told to Bill Murdock

Alan Osburn's Amarillo Memories

All photos on this page were taken by Bill Beach at the Amarillo Sports Arena.

Photos not for reproduction in any other media source
without written permission of James J. Dillon and Crowbar Press


(above, l to r)
Before a match
Bloody and defeated
Preparing to wrestle Dick Murdoch in a Cage Match
Terry Funk dressed to the nines

(above, l to r)
Mr. Wonderful
Choking Dick Murdoch in a Texas Bullrope Match
JJ in the ring before his match
Tully Blanchard helps a bloody J.J. Dillon back to the dressing room

Dick Murdoch vs J.J. Dillon in a Chain Match
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