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Rasslin Memories [June 15, 2013]
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In Your Head, part 1
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Radio interview available for download or listening

Bravo, guys.   The JJ Dillon interview was fantastic.   I never knew he would be so entertaining.   The Flea will buy his book now, so tell him his interview time wasn't wasted — TJ

Yeah, I'm gonna pick up the book now. — Andi

Just finished listening to the J.J. show and I must say it was really top notch.   I've heard a few interviews of J.J.'s in the past and this is probably one of the best.   Never knew he worked with El Santo, which I'm a big fan of from all those old b-movies he did.   Looking forward to hearing part 2 when his book comes out. — Dan

I listened to both the recent shows, also the May 11th one which I never properly heard before.   They're really good.   The wrestling recap show was hilarious.   The Dillon show was the opposite, a proper deep interview, sounded like one of WOL's shows when they have legends on who have a lot to say.   Great stuff. — Tyler

The show with J.J. was good. — Ron

This is a really good show.   It sounds professional for the most part and the questions kept the show rolling. — Duckman

Was quite the wrestling history lesson on this latest installment of In Your Head.   You guys had some really good questions prepared.   Already mentioned this to Jack, but I'm really looking forward to hearing the follow up next month.   Honestly, if somebody would have asked me a week ago if I would buy a J.J. Dillion book, I probably would have passed, but having heard this awesome interview, I'm seriously thinking of preordering the book soon.   Great job. — Rick

Iceman's World to Classic Wrestling
Print interview conducted by Iceman
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