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Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls by J.J. Dillon, with Scott Teal and Philip Varriale

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I suppose you could say that I "disliked" you so many years ago.  Naturally, that was as J.J. Dillon, the "role," or the "character," as the manager of the 4 Horsemen.  That is definitely the job of a heel, and you did it with true class and confidence, as a Horseman should.

My memories of JJ Dillon always stem from the 4 Horsemen, especially JJ's participation in the War Games matches.

Naturally, the Horsemen were the greatest heels we loved to hate.  And, anytime JJ got his ass whipped by Dusty or Nikita or Sting or Lex, my Saturday afternoon was absolute heaven.

Seeing JJ getting his face smashed into the steel cage (which surrounded two rings) and fall flat on the mat, lying in a pool of his own blood, was total ecstasy. (Okay, it's morbid, but growing up as a kid, the triumph of good vs. evil was always a dream come true).

Now, at 42 years old, I can't see any tighter and more exciting team (including Evolution in their beginnings, Degeneration X, or the NWO during their strange and egotistical run) than JJ Dillon and the 4 Horsemen.

As J.J. Dillon the man, as the entertainer and performer, I never had the honor or the opportunity to meet you.  However, after reading many autobiographies by many of the old-school performers (Bobby Heenan, Fabulous Moolah, Classy Freddie Blassie, Roddy Piper, Jerry Lawler -- OK, I guess you can see how much of a "mark" I am!!), I truly respect each and every one of you for the sacrifices you make upon yourself and your families, in an attempt to deliver the finest product and performances in sports entertainment.

Back in 1992-1993, when I was a referee for Bay Area Wrestling in Hayward, CA, I had the great opportunity to work with Mae Young and also with the late Pepper Gomez.  It was very clear, the differences between the "performer" and the "person," and the kindness and respect they both gave and deserved.  These are memories I will treasure forever.

Thanks, JJ, for many, many years of excitement, thrills, anger, frustration, happiness, and complete, pure joy during your performing in the greatest athletic soap opera ever.  I look forward to reading your book as soon as I receive it.

Marty Edelson
Former Referee, Bay Area Wrestling, Hayward, CA (Woody Farmer, owner/promoter)

Thank you, so much, for the E-mail!  And, of course, I will be purchasing a copy (autographed!!) of your book.  I have REALLY enjoyed your work over the years, as I have been a fan for about 32 years.  I have seen your work in Georgia, Mid-Atlantic, WCW, and a little Florida and Memphis.  ( I would love to see a copy of Ron Bass "saddling" Barry Windham, from Florida, but, alas, all I have is Bill Apter's magazine photo's.

I had to chance to meet you at the Charlotte Superbowl Fanfest.  I was at the Cornette Q and A, and was the guy who asked about your first experience at Madison Square Garden.  Don't get me wrong, I think the product of the Southern territories have always been far superior, but the Garden has to be the ultimate stage for a wrestler!  Your emotional reply to my question, in detail, made my night!  What a great thing for Eddie Graham and Vince Sr. to work out, for you!

Scott Teal alerted me of your project, back in January, and I have been waiting anxiously, ever since!

The check is in the mail, early next week!!!!!

Thanks for the memories!!

Woody Barton
Gloverville, SC

I want to say thank you for all the years that you have put into entertaining others.  I grew up on wrestling, and watching you in the Carolinas and Georgia.

I began wrestling back in the late 70's under the tutelage of Bill and Randy Mulkey (please do not hold that against me)  LOL!

I was also at the Starcade Reunion Saturday night.  I was the individual that was back in the dressing room with Bill and Randy and talking to Jim, Bobby, and Dennis.  I was hoping to get a photo of the two of us together, but you were too busy skulling out your match.  I was lucky enough to get a photo with Tully.

With kind regards I am,

Michael Partain, the Original Golden Eagle
Anderson, SC

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the first WrestleReunion in Tampa.  I was so impressed with you in person.  I think you went out of your way to make us fans feel great.  I remember you telling me about the book you were working on.  I have been waiting for a way to order it.

I could hardly put the book down once I started reading.  I want to say "Thank You" for the great job you have done, not only on the book, but on your life in wrestling.  I also want to say "Thank You" for all the fun you gave to wrestling.  I wish you all the best.

A long time fan,

Harold Howell
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I just finished your book and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to tell you.  I was very happy when I went to your web site and saw that there was a E-mail address for you.

My name is Mike Rodgers. I live in Troutdale, Oregon.  I reffed for a few years (96-2000).  I was lucky enough to have been in the ring with Honkytonk Man, Jimmy Snuka, George Steele, Earthquake, Bob Orton, Greg Valentine (I guess not lucky in his regard, that was a stiff ref bump), Public Enemy, and many Northwest locals.

I have also put out a small local newsletter called Ring Around The Northwest for over 20 years.  During that time, I have interviewed Lou Thesz, Dory Funk Jr., Don Leo Jonathon, Mad Dog Vachon, Pampero Firpo, Roger Kirby, John Tolos, and many others.  I am always excited to learn new things about the business.  I met Scott Teal at a reunion a few years ago and he is a great guy, who always does a great job.

I thought your book was very honest and I learned a lot.  I loved the Lonnie Mayne story, even though it was a little sad.  I really appreciated the story about Luther Lindsey as I have never heard anyone say anything bad about him.

I really enjoyed hearing about your duties behind the scenes for WWF, setting up tours, etc.  That is an aspect that I had never heard about.

I remember in 1989 I saw a WCW Portland co-op show.  You weren't working in front of the crowd, but I saw you watching the matches at that show.  It is sad to think about how many guys from that show are now gone — Dick Murdoch, Ray Candy, JYD, Art Barr, and Scott Peterson.

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the book.

Mike Rodgers
Troutdale, OR

I just got back from the Legends of the Ring 3 convention and I had a great time!!!  I talked to you for a while about your book.  I really, really enjoyed it.  You are so honest and it was a great read.  I feel bad about the ups and downs of your life that you had, but you have gotten four beautiful children out of it.

Thanks for spending time talking to me and not blowing the fans off like some wrestlers do.  You are truly a great guy and God Bless!!!

Larry Freda
Livingston, NJ

Loved your book, best one I have read next to Ole's and Jack Brisco's.

It was great to see my hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia mentioned.  I saw most of those matches you were in the main event there.  You worked the main event quite a few times here in 72-73.

I especially remember two tag matches you and Ron Garvin had against Freddy Sweetan and Mike Dubois.  The first one was a semi-final match one week which led to a main event rematch the next week.  Great matches!  At that time, Garvin was hot in our town as the people would go wild when he would get a chair and hit his opponent and pin him.  Funny thing, the ref never disqualified him, lol .  That was back in the days when a chair shot was something special instead of just a normal thing like today, but I don't have to tell you that.  I thought you and Garvin worked good together and they should have thought about making you a regular team.  I guess they were happy with you and Big Boy Brown together, which is when you got your push.

Sorry about that, but when I get started on those days, I can't stop.  THE BEST TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY for the future.

Donnie Mason
Lynchburg, VA

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